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If you prefer a more earthly and powerful name for your new son then here are the most popular power names from Japan. Aito Darling child Akio Bright man Akira Clear and intelligent Daichi Impressive or grand first son Daiki Impressive or grand tree Daisuke Impressive or great help Eiichi The prosperous one Eiji The second born one Eito A very wealthy or prosperous person Fumihiro Large sentence Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next.

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They may end with hiko eg.

Popular japanese names male. Airi Eri and Meri are not in the top 1000 names in the US. This is a popular name in Japan. 15 15 Japanese Names List A-Z – Page 2 – from Anika to Daimon.

Japanese Names for Baby Boys With Meaning. A traditional Japanese name for baby boy which means large. You can narrow down the list by specifying gender the first letter strings included you want.

1 2 3 4 5 6. One slight problem with the name れい is the LR rule which makes its pronunciation a little different to the hard R-sound of the name Ray. Girl Blessed with beauty.

Girls names with two syllables are also a recent trend. Keisuke 慶介 or hei eg. Looking through a book of Japanese names or an encyclopedia will show many occurrences of kanji repetition in a single family.

Popular Japanese Baby Names for Girls Origin. Kaji Japanese origin. This name is.

In 2005 names that have the image of summer and ocean are popular for boys. Kaen Japanese origin means fire or blast. Names ended with o and shi are usually also male eg.

Top 10 Japanese names for boys and girls in 2018 Boys Mens Japanese names. Baby boy names popular in Japan include Haruki known to Americans as the first name of author Murakami Riku Toma and Haruto. Japanese boy names have plenty to offer in this department.

Hideo An excellent male child. Yoshitsune Yoshiie Yoshichika Yoshinaka etc. In Japanese surnames come before the.

Katsu A victory. Hideo An excellent male child. Add to my list Related names.

Yoritomo Yorinobu Yorimasa etc. Male names often include such characters as hiro wide vast ki tree standing and ta large fat. The Oda clan used Nobu frequently and the Hōjō regents used Toki.

Homura Japanese origin means blast or a flame 4. Sun warrior love bright cute kanji red star one great black ocean tree white angel strong wind son can blossom night pure kind water you god word sky princess light flower dark spirit powerful life snow dragon first moon japanese king fire rain beauty. The name means One Rule The Righteous One.

Junichiro He who takes. This word cloud was created using some of the most common words used in the meanings of names with Japanese origins.

The popular names for children of mixed nationality couples. Among of them are 拓海 海斗 or 太陽. Kaneko The golden child.

Hiro means abundant generous tolerant or prosperous. This is a navigation skip to jump to the main text and navigation menu. Japanese boy names have plenty to offer in this department.

This is a popular boys name in Japan. Haruto Yuuto Yuuki Souta Kouki Haruki Yuuta and Kaito are included in the top 10 boys names by reading. Combines words for love with the word for either white jasmine or pear.

Western or exotic sounding names are trendy for girls. Pages in category Japanese masculine given names The following 200 pages are in this category out of approximately 1350 total.

26 rows A traditional Japanese name for baby boy which means large. In the Minamoto there was Yori and Yoshi. Luckily れい Rei is a common nickname for female names like れいか Reika and male names like れいじ Reiji that makes a decent approximation to the name Ray despite the spelling.

If you prefer a more earthly and powerful name for your new son then here are the most popular power names from Japan. Teruo 輝夫 Akio 昭雄 Atsushi Takashi or Kiyoshi. For Japanese Boy Names Start with K.

Add to my list Related names. Hinote Japanese origin means fire or blast. Katashi Hard and firm.

Katsuhiko 勝彦 suke eg. 103 rows Giichi is a male Japanese name. Most Popular Japanese Baby Names Kanji in 2020.

Girl Child graced with beauty. Alternative Spellings Variations. Japanese baby names for boys also include several super-cool K options which feel bang on-trend in the US right now were loving Kazuo Kenzo Koda and Kenji as exotic alternatives to the Kayden family of names.

Hijiri Japanese origin means fire. HinaHaruna Top 10 Boys Names for 2020.

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