Erika Durarara Manga Shizuo X Izaya Mpreg

While chasing Izaya around town Shizuo notices a truck heading straight for him. Shizuo Heiwajima x Izaya Orihara Genres.

The Song I Was Listing To Worked Perfectly With The Pic Durarara Izaya Orihara Shizaya

Animal Characteristic Hardcore Suidoku Donburi Una.

Erika durarara manga shizuo x izaya mpreg. Shuu-washuu 4 Deviations Featured. FollowFav I Want To Protect You. Celty Sturluson Shinra Kishitani Kida Masaomi Mikado Ryuugamine Anri Sonohara Erika Karisawa Walker Yumasaki Izaya Orihara YN LN lives in Ikebukurro.

The sly Izaya Orihara came across an unconscious Erika Karisawa. The Erika that intrigued him. No smut just fluffy love.

Hot New 1. What will he do. Katerina and her adoptive brother Mikado Ryuugamine move to Ikebukuro both looking for the same thing more excitement in their mundane life.

Eventual Shizaya mpreg lime attempted suicide character angst and depression. Fiction T – English – HurtComfortHumor – Izaya O Shizuo H. Teen And Up Audiences.

SUIDOKU Mimimi Durarara dj Eng July 29 2014 To Comments. Shizaya yaoi mpreg dont like dun read RR. Sequel to Baby Bump.

Shizuo and Izaya Izaya and Shizuo forever enemies. Do NOT share links to other online reading sites. Izaya decided to make her his new toy.

AnimeManga Romance X Reader Durarara Ikebukoru Shizuo Heiwajima. Shizuo admits that there is actually no real reason as to why he took an immediate dislike. Dj – 折原臨也の受胎.

This doujinshi is read from LEFT to RIGHT. Romance Yaoi Tagged With. FollowFav Izaya x Erika.

FollowFav Better Than Revenge. DRRR I hate you in a love you way. Izaya finds Shizuo half dead on the street.

Fiction M – English – HumorRomance – Shizuo H Izaya O. Do NOT discuss copyright removal. Its how all of Ikebukuro knows them and theyre more than happy to stay that.

In fact things only became more complicated and stressful. Izayaxshizuo shizaya shizuoxizaya durarara izayaorihara shizuoheiwajima izaya shizuo drrr yaoi anime durararax2 ikebukuro boyxboy izuo celty manga durararax2ten durararax2ketsu durararax2shou. Book cover picture is by TheBetisOff on DeviantART.

Shizuo Mikado Masaomi Headless Rider Durarara Kitten. Dj – Orihara Izayas Conception Durarara. After overcoming all the pain from the first pregnancy Shizuo and Izaya are happy that they can live a more domestic life.

Just a very very short story about Tsuki and Roppi having a good time together. And will the vending machines EVER be safe. T – English – RomanceAngst – Chapters.

Part 1 of Shizaya fluffy oneshots for when I want to do one. Shizuo and Izaya first meet in high school. Slow burn like yall are gonna burn alive.

Shizaya – Control by Katlnn Rotato. Tsukishima Durarara Hachimenroppi Durarara soft i think. Boy x BoyDies ist ein Fandub von einem Durarara doujinshi Ich fand das sooooo kawaii da wollte ich das unbedingt mal dubben xD.

I like when Izaya make a move first. MpregMale Pregnancy Yamawarau Kuromame Kuro. Shizuo and Izaya had been lovers in secret still Izaya deiced that he wanted to have a child with Shizuo with the help of a certain friend of course warning Mpreg ahead.

But the side-effects didnt stop after Izaya overcame his depression. Shizuo and izaya deserve better. Shinras latest experiment forces Izaya and Shizuo to put their differences aside and work together how will they manage.

Lelouch-erika 3 Deviations Featured. TheDest16 2 Deviations Featured. Will be 20 in this fanfic.

Im calling Shinra so he can get you healed. Both of them since have wondered if they came for more than they bargained for. But the side-effects didnt stop after Izaya overcame his depression.

Izaya hasnt been feeling well for a while and thinks Shinras diagnosis is a joke. Izaya Being Izaya Durarara Eventual Heiwajima ShizuoOrihara Izaya. Fiction M – English – HumorDrama – Shizuo H Izaya O.

A sleepy beast by I_love_Izaya_Orihara_or_Tomura_Shigaraki Fandoms. After overcoming all the pain from the first pregnancy Shizuo and Izaya are happy that they can live a more domestic life. The Erika who used Izayas nicknames for her own fun and roamed Ikebukuro with her eccentric reputation.

Shizuo and Izaya had just moved in together but Izaya had just gone into pre-heat. In fact things only became more complicated and stressful. Sequel to Baby Bump.

Anyhow he could use some entertainment. Shizuo Heiwajima x Izaya Orihara Genres. Shizuo just tries to help Izaya with his nest by giving him some of his clothes.

Izaya hates to go to ikebukuro and hates the faces oof the people that are wrong he is waiting for a face shizuo show him but when he is ambushed for a group in an alley he see shizuo turn away from him Related.

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