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InuYasha the Movie 4. Affections Touching Across Time.

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The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.

Famous people has manga characters girls names. Swords of an Honorable Ruler. Aya Komichi is a character in Kiniro Mosaic. Hinata Bashira Masahiro Druvish Keiko Aiko Norio Manami Mika Yua Hiroko Noburu Melaina Minako Kichiro Aini Masanori Hisashi Mi Akihiro Chieko Kyoko Tadashi Fumio Shinobu Wakana Katsuo Sora Tanaka Natsumi Takara Hideaki Chikako Kazuhiko Atsuko Kanako Momoka Satoko Asuka Kasai Saburo Kanon Tomiko Masuyo Toshiro Tadao Chiyoko Ryo Aimi Amaya Kenta Yumi.

Eula Azusa Aizawa Mona Tsuki Uzaki Korone Inugami Ahri KDA Tamaki Kotatsu Sword Maiden Massachusetts Jeanne dArc Arch. 1 2 Vinsmoke Sanji Nami Kenshin Hiten Mitsurugi style Savage Dragon Judge Dredd Judge Death Ippo Makunouchi Lupin III Fujiko Mine Invincible Atom. Explore anime and manga characters.

In Particularly no order. View Famous People Has Manga Characters Girls Names Images. The social security administration ssa compiles a list of the most popular baby names over the past 100 years.

View Famous People Has Manga Characters Girls Names Images. A manga or novel version of the character is counted if that makes him better or worst. Inuyasha the Movie 3.

Louis Samus Aran Pyra. Uncategorized By animeprimary On Desember 22 2021 Tidak ada komentar. Nami Satonaka Natsu Kurohime Yui Tobari Faye Anzu Nekonohito Yuki Hakko Kokko Miako Rikohu Mieze Moto Yochi Miu Tsubaki Anriette Neko Kimagure Macherot Arena Miu Kuu Dai Himika Kasugano Miki Toudou Momo Meow Cat Phantom Miinya 1 2 3 4 5 9 view bookmarks This site uses cookies for analytics personalized content and ads.

The main characters in Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun go by their last names almost exclusively to the point that its sometimes hard to remember what their first names are. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sena Kashiwazaki Nico Robin Konata Izumi Prinz Eugen Atago Scathach Lucoa MtLady Aqua Liliruca Arde Esdeath Jibril Laura Bodewig Boa Hancock Erza Scarlet Nami Illyasviel von Ein.

Sakura is possibly the only exception as both Seo and Kashima call her Chiyo and so does the mangaka herself. Some of the famous anime names for girls are listed below. As a matter of fact in a rare case where a character possesses all these things at the same time hell be generally top-ranked.

Famous anime girl names. Ai is a protagonist in Digimon Tamers. For me the most beautiful name are Echo and Alyssfrom Pandora Hearts but I also like the names Lacie Lily also from Pandora Hearts Inori Tsugumi Ayase from Guilty Crown Asuna Yui Yuuki Silica from Sword Art Online Mirai from Tokyo Magnitude 80 Harui from the melancholy of Harui Suzumiya and Yuki I dont know if there is an anime character called.

Japanese for cherry blossom. But a speciality with only 2-3 criteria sometimes gets the upper hand over the versatility. Any Region English Versions Japanese Versions Character Names Anime Titles Starting With.

Asami Sato is one of the main characters in Legend of Korra. End of Evangelion. Mark your favorites find characters with tags and filters.

You may just find the perfect one for. The Final Act.

60 Traps Trap Anime Character Names Girl Character Names Popular Anime Characters

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60 Traps Trap Anime Character Names Girl Character Names Popular Anime Characters

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