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Each list of boy names shows the baby boy name meanings and their origins. Its extremely rarely used so if youre looking for a unique Biblical name you cant go wrong with this one.

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Aaron This is a Hebrew boys name that means exalted.

Boy names and meanings. Old-fashioned baby boy names arent always popular but many are rising in the ranks. The name Elon means oak tree and is of Hebrew origin. As strong as an Eagle.

Unique strong and special. Aaron Mountain of strength. This German name means brave hardy and strong and is a good powerful name for a boy.

Aapo Father of many nations. Everestis of English origin and comes from Mount Everest. A – C D – F G – I J – L M – O P – R S – U V – Z.

101 rows A names meaning shouldnt be your most important decision criteria. Browse baby boy names and meanings. Man of the red earth.

Each of our name entries are organised by A-Z and complete with origins pronunciation and meanings so parents will have everything they need to make the perfect baby name choice. Hernan is a unique creative name that fits an adventurous little boy who loves knights and castles. Quirky Baby Boy Names That You Can Still Spell Liam.

Meaning young warrior in Latin this strong yet unique name certainly makes a statement. Valiant strong and masculine. 1 Aaric English Meaning.

Anwyll Anwyll is a rare name of Welsh origin and it means one who is loved by all. Not only that but we also have lists of popular boy names and various themed name lists to start you off on your baby naming journey. Here are some of the most popular boy names of last year and the meanings that got them there.

Baby Boy Names Boy Names. In addition to baby boy names at Baby Name World you will find thousands of other unique and popular male and female baby names and their meaning sorted by origin. He symbolizes endurance and strength.

Unique Baby Boy Names And Their Origins. Top Old-Fashioned Boy Names and Meanings Popular Old-Fashioned Boy Names. Valentino is the name of one of the worlds most popular luxury brands.

Unique Boy Names Starting with E F G H Elon like Elon Musk is an extremely powerful unique name for a boy. Damonis of Greek origin and means one who tames Daxis a handsome name for a boy and is of French origin. Adler This baby boy name is of Old German origin and it means eagle.

The ultimate A-Z baby boy names list complete with name meanings origins extended popularity and background info for all boys names. Carlos means free man and this monikers variations and diminutives are popular within multi-ethnicities. Adan Hebrew baby name that means son of Adam.

If you love the. It has a Hebrew origin and it means God is my strength. This is one of the most classic Russian boy names in existence.

This name is the Spanish variation of the traditional name Charles. More Top Boys Names and Origin Umberto. A strong Hebrew name meaning carried by God.

Dante is an Italian moniker that carries the meaning of enduring. Aleric This Germanic unique baby boy name means noble ruler. Cute Old-Fashioned Boy Names.

Aziel Aziel is another original and rare boy. This name has been popular since the Middle Ages. Aadolf Distinguished or strong wolf.

Zzyzx voted most bizarre name ever used for a baby. This Hebrew name literally means lion of God and is also the name of an angel in the bible. This mixed boy name is the Latin diminutive of the name Durant.

Ace This name is of Latin origin and means unity. Although some vintage boy names can sound stuffy many can turn out to be cute or sweet. Industrious a name for a boy you hope will be hard-working.

103 rows NAMES MEANING GENDER. Aart As powerful as an eagle.

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